Mark Walker of Walkers European Express Services Ltd and Guy Smith of Sky Birds have teamed up to launch a brand new UK Quarantine for the import and export of birds from around the world.

With experience in the pet industry for over 30 years, each partner offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer any company, or individual, needing to arrange the import or export of birds and comply with all the new Government legislation.

Guy Smith offers a specialised knowledge in this particular industry having run the UK’s largest Quarantine Centre. Mark Walker has logistics expertise in transporting birds and animals throughout Europe and the UK.

Please email and we will respond to all enquiries.

Our Partners

For livestock travelling between the EU and the UK we've partnered with Animals To Fly and Walkers European Express Services. Animals to Fly provide the required quarantine services on the European side in Holland, and Walkers European Express Services provide the transportation services.